Three Pieces Mini Tool Set, Contains Two Precision Screwdrivers, Cross And Slotted, One Piece Combination Pliers, Rubber Insulated Handles

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  • 1 PC SLOT SCREWDRIVER AND CROSS SCREWDRIVER 6*100 Slot and Cross Screwdriver heads are precisely made to fit in the required slots. They get fixed and rotate smoothly. They have a chemically blackened tip. It protects them from denaturing.
  • MATERIAL: CR-V STEEL Each screwdriver is made of CR-V steel. This Chromium-Vanadium Steel has a steel core that provides durability, and the CR-V coating protects it from corrosion and abrasion. The screwdriver has a long length, allowing an easy reach to even distant points.
  • SOFT-GRIP RUBBER INSULATION The handles are insulated with rubber and give a soft, anti-slip grip. They are designed to fit your hand so you can use the tool with greater control.
  • 1 PC COMBINATION PLIERS These are carefully designed pliers. The jaws have specific engravings that allow better and stronger hold. The handle is rubber insulated and confirms a firm grip. The pliers are 6 inches in length.
  • INCREASED DURABILITY The material of the tools is chosen for the best quality and performance. The tools are durable and have a prolonged lifetime.

Geepas 3-in-1 Tool Set provides you with the three most basic and essential tools for fixing and repairing. The tools are resistant to wear and have a prolonged life.


All of them are made from CR-V steel. It is short for Chromium-Vanadium Steel. This steel has a dense and durable core. The outer coating is of Chromium-Vanadium. Their combined effect makes the tools resistant to oxidation and corrosion.


There are two screwdrivers, a Phillips and a Slotted. Both have a measurement of 6*100.
The tips are black due to chemicals. These chemicals prevent wear and denaturing of the shape.

Insulation And Pliers

They have a rubberized handle. It has a grip-friendly design and is comfortable to hold.
The pliers have engravings that ensure a firm grip. The jaws are durable and rust resistant.

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