8pcs Premium Hand Tool Set - Indispensable Combo Tool Kit Ideal for DIY, Workshop & Garage Repairs

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  • PLIERS - Pliers are an integral part of the toolkit of any craftsman, whether a professional fitter, plumber or electrician. They can capture, hold, bend and twist various objects.
  • ADJUSTABLE WRENCH - A wrench is a tool that is used to twist or unscrew any types of connectors (nuts, bolts, couplings).Even though the spanner has a simple design, it is widely used in almost all areas of technology to assemble and disassemble mechanisms of different levels of complexity.
  • SCREWDRIVER - A screwdriver is a tool that is indispensable for electrical, assembly, fastening works.
  • MEASURING TAPE - It is a professional tool for measuring length. The length of the tape measure is 3m; it is the best variant for home use.
  • UTILITY KNIFE - The technical knife is useful to any master for repair and construction works for cutting cardboard, plastic, plasterboard and other materials.

geepas tool set gt7660 is designed for use in workshops and at home. Accessories allow the use of the kit when performing various types of work. The advantage is also the design of tools. Red stripes make them more visible, so they do not get lost in a dark room or on a dark background.

combination and long nose pliers

combined pliers have wire cutters in the middle and sides (side slits in the hinge area).Also, the pliers have a notch with teeth to grasp round objects of small diameter. This model is designed, first of all, for the capture and manipulation of wire and cylindrical objects.

they are designed to capture and manipulate objects (primarily wires) at a greater distance than conventional models. This model is used to establish wiring in distribution boxes when laying cables, as well as when connecting electrical installations.

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