Homeowner Tool Set, Bi-Coloured Red/Black-Includes Claw Hammer, Adjustable Wrench, Screwdriver Handle, Bits, Tape Measure, and Combination Pliers

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  • 1 PCS COMBINATION PLIERS 6" The combination pliers have strong jaws with engravings. These engravings ensure a firm grip. The entire body of the pliers is made from CR-V steel. This steel is resistant to oxidation and abrasion. The handles are insulated with rubber.
  • 1 PCS ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 6" The adjustable wrench has an incredibly smooth sliding function. It is really easy to operate. The longer length allows it to rotate more freely. The handle has rubber insulation. The rubber padding makes the grip soft and comfortable.
  • 1 PCS SCREWDRIVER HANDLE AND 10 PCS BITS The screwdriver handle is rubberized and has a quick input for the bits. The bits are easy to remove and are of variable sizes. There are a total of 10 interchangeable bits. All of these are made from CR-V steel.
  • 1 PCS MEASURING TAPE 3M*16MM The measuring tape is 3m long and 16mm thick. The edges of the blade are covered, and the tapeline slides in and out smoothly. The outer covering is made of plastic and rubber with a hanging rope attached at the back.
  • 1 PCS CLAWHAMMER 0.25KG This hammer is also completely made from the CR-V steel. The handle is lightweight and does not put a strain on your arm. The handle is covered with insulation of rubber. All this is packed inside a toolkit. It is easy to assemble and use.

Geepas Homeowner Tool Set is a collection of the ultimate reliable tools that suit your everyday needs. Be it a repair, a fixing task or a DIY project, these are must-have tools in almost any of such jobs.

Easy To Assemble Kit And Sturdy Material

The tools come inside a kit. They are easy to assemble, and the covering protects them from oxidation and rusting. The material used in all of these is CR-V steel. The alloy has a high-density core of steel. It is very durable and strong. The outer coating is of chromium and vanadium. Their task is to protect against corrosion and abrasion.

Combination Pliers And Screwdriver

The combination pliers have strong jaws marked with engravings for a firm grip. The screwdriver handle has an easy slot for attaching and removing bits. The bits are 10 in number, and each is a different shape. This makes them versatile in their use.

Claw hammer

The hammer is made of the CR-V steel and has an insulated handle for comfortable grip. The hammerhead is specially designed and distributes force efficiently. The claw is bent on a suitable angle for plucking out bent nails and screws.

Tape Measure

The tape measure is an average length of 3 meters. The blade is 16mm thick and is coated. The tape has a self-lock and a rope hanger attached at the back.

Adjustable Wrench

The adjustable wrench slides super smoothly and is very easy to operate. The wrench is rust resistant. It has a laser scale marked on it. The handle is shaped differently to ensure a more controlled hold on it. It is 6” long and is suitable for many of the smallest and largest tasks.

All the tools come in a single pack at an affordable price. They are bi-coloured red and black and have prolonged lifetime.

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