2200W 1.7L Cordless Electric Kettle Power Cord Storage Base and Anti-Pull Design, Boil-Dry Protection, Easy Handling with Auto Shut Off - 2 Years Warranty

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  • CORDLESS DESIGN, 1.7L - The kettle has a cordless design. It allows you the freedom to easily pour liquids. The larger capacity decreases the number of refills to be done. Now you can get the fluid heated up quickly and in a larger amount at once.
  • CONCEALED HEATING ELEMENT, BOIL-DRY PROTECTION - The base of the kettle contains the concealed heating element. It is a set of electrodes that distribute and heat the liquid evenly. The boil-dry protection automatically turns the kettle off in case all the water is dried up. This saves the liquid brewing inside as well as your appliance from overheating.
  • AUTOMATIC TURN OFF, INDICATOR LIGHT - The automatic turn-off feature can also come into action when the kettle is getting overheated. Trying to hold a kettle when it is this much hot can be dangerous and cause some severe burns. The automatic turn off system protects you from that kind of injury.
  • DIE CASTING HANDLE - Die casting is an exclusive method for creating high-quality tools and devices from metal. The handle made in such a way has a structure that is both firm and smooth with a finishing touch. It adds to the lifetime and allows greater comfort while holding.
  • POWER CORD STORAGE BASE, ANTI-PULL DESIGN - The base of the kettle has a space specifically for the storage of the cord. It keeps your kitchen counter neat and tidy. The anti-pull design is for perfect handling.

Concealed Heating Element

Electric kettles have been long in use. The result did not use to be that much satisfying to the customers earlier, because some of them termed it as fake-heating. To correct that fake-heating system, we came up with a solution.

The solution turned out to be "Concealed Heating Element." It is located in the base of most electric kettles and consists of two electrodes. Because of the electrodes, the heat is distributed efficiently and gives you the perfectly heated liquid.

Boil-Dry Protection And Automatic Turn Off

Almost everyone has had those moments when you put up water or some other liquid for boiling and then forget to take it off. Then you smell something burning only to find the liquid dried up and the poor pot burning.

Well folks, rest assured because that is not going to be the end of this kettle. It has built-in boil-dry protection and an automatic turn off the system.

In case all the water is dried up, the appliance will automatically shut down hence saving whatever was inside the kettle as well as the kettle itself. The system works equally for overheating. It turns off immediately when it has reached an certain temperature limit.

Indicator Light

The indicator light further supports the turn off function. This light tells whether your device is in operation or not.

Die Casting Handle

Die casting is a method for molting high-quality metal. The result is a firm, solid metal piece with a very smooth structure. It adds to the looks and allows better handling.

Power Details

This kettle uses an AC voltage of 220 – 240V. The frequency of the device is 50/60 Hertz along with 1850 – 2200W power. This power saving feature makes it suitable for long-term use.

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