1850W 1.7L Cordless Double-Walled Electric Kettle, Concealed Heating Element, Boil-Dry Protection, Auto Shut Off - 2 Years Warranty

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  • CORDLESS DOUBLE WALLED KETTLE, 1.7L - The kettle has a double-layered structure. This structure provides excellent insulation and allows very little heat to dissipate. The larger capacity of 1.7 Liters gives you the choice of brewing a larger amount of liquid at a time thus decreasing the number of refills.
  • CONCEALED HEATING ELEMENT - The concealed heating element gives you the evenly heated liquids in a short amount of time.
  • BOIL-DRY PROTECTION, AUTOMATIC TURN OFF - This protection feature shuts down the appliance by force in case the water is all dried up. Thus, it protects the device from getting damaged. The automatic turn off feature comes into action when the kettle is getting heated over a certain limit. The kettle immediately turns off. This system protects the kettle and you from getting hurt.
  • ON/OFF SWITCH, INDICATOR LIGHT - The on/off switch can be easily located on the kettle. Pushing this button will switch off the kettle, and it will stop functioning instantly. The indicator light supports the turn-off mentioned above system. It tells whether the appliance is currently working or not.
  • DOUBLE WALL WITH COOL TOUCH, AC 220-240V - The double-layered structure of the kettle not only provides excellent insulation, but it also maintains a cold surface temperature. That way your hand stay protected, and it is safe to touch. The voltage taken by the kettle is 220 - 240V. It saves your time and money.

1.7L Capacity, Double Walled Kettle

The kettle can hold larger volumes of liquids. Makes brewing fun and quick. Now you don't have to go through many refills in case of uninvited guests.

Concealed Heating Element

This kettle heats up by using a concealed heating element. This heating element is located in the base of the kettle. It consists of two electrodes, and it evenly heats up the liquids giving a perfect warmth.

Boil-Dry Protection, Automatic Turn Off

This protection is activated when the water level in the kettle is almost zero. Any further heating can damage the kettle and the contents inside. Therefore, with this, it is switched off automatically.

This feature is further backed by the indicator lights. You can easily confirm whether your device is in operation or not. The automatic turn-off feature, on the other hand, is for the time if the kettle gets overheated.

Seamless Welding, Easy To Clean

The design itself is sleek and has a polished look. The color does not fade away even after long-term use. The entire smooth design structure makes it really easy for you to clean it. It saves your time and remains sparkly clean.

Double Wall With Cool Touch

The kettle is double layered and has proper insulation. It keeps the liquid inside hot and prevents the heat from surfacing. Because of this, the outer surface is rather cool and therefore is safe for touching and handling.

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