2200W 1.5L Cordless Electric Kettle for General Use, Automatic Turn Off, Quick Heating, 2 Year Warranty

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  • CORDLESS KETTLE, 1.5L CAPACITY - The kettle is cordless. The cordless design is handy when you're living in an apartment. Having many utensils and tools can make your kitchen look untidy and messy. This kettle however, makes it really easy to handle and pour drinks. It has a large holding capacity of 1.5L.
  • CONCEALED HEATING ELEMENT - The kettle maintains the classy look even after being used for a long time. The heating element is covered in the base and gives you the evenly heated liquids.
  • EASY AND SAFE HANDLING WITH AUTOMATIC TURN OFF - The kettle is designed to be handled efficiently and carefully. You won't burn your hand while pouring hot liquids. The kettle does not get heated up itself, so you don't need to be worried about getting a burn just by touching it. It also has an automatic turn-off feature, and it turns off when it is overheated. This protects you and your appliance from getting damaged.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN, STANDUP LID, CORDLESS DESIGN - The entire material chosen is very lightweight. The only things whose weight your arm will bear will be the liquid inside. The standup lid feature allows easy pouring of any liquid inside without the risk of spilling.
  • BOIL-DRY PROTECTION, QUICK HEATING, AC 220V - 240V - The boil-dry protection is going to be a necessity if you're living alone. This protection turns off the appliance when there is no water or any other liquid left. Therefore, saves the device and probably anything you put in it.

Large Capacity:

This kettle has a higher capacity of 1.5 Litres. It reduces the number of refills and allows you to brew a larger quantity of liquids in a single go.

Concealed Heating Element:

The concealed heating element is located in the base of the kettle. The main purpose of this concealed element is to evenly heat the liquid and give a quick result.

Boil-Dry Protection:

This concealed heating element comes with a boil-dry protection feature. In case it happens that you put something on the stove and then got busy in some other task while the poor liquid got burned and boiled to a crisp.

It mainly happens when the water is all dried up. With this kettle, you can relax as the protection system automatically turns it off as the water level reaches the minimum limit. You can start the appliance again after you have put water in it up to a specific mark.

Automatic Turn Off:

Other than then boil-dry forced to shut down, the kettle will turn off if it is getting overheated. This saves your hand and the appliance from getting damaged.

On/Off Switch And Indicator Light:

The On/Off switch instantly turns it off without wasting time. The indicator light confirms whether the device is still in operation or not.

Die Casting Handle, Power Cord Storage, And Anti-Pull Design:

The handle is made from die casting. It gives a smooth, finished touch with more extended durability. The base of the kettle has a cord storage. This will help keep your counter clean and tidy. The anti-pull design further ensures comfortable use.

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