Royalford RFU9042 Manual Food Chopper - BPA Free Multi Hand-Powered Vegetable Fruit Shredder/Mincer/Blender/Mixer/Dicer/Cutter - Salad Spinner, Onion Chopper Mini Handheld Food Processor for Celery Garlic

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• SUPER SAFE DESIGN - This chopper has a secure design with dual locks. The top cover has a separate lock and the second is for the bowl. It provides a clear view of the fruits, veggies or meat being chopped. The blade is inside the bowl, and it is safe for operating. Perfect for chopping vegetables, dicing fruits, blending boneless meat and more. This food chopper is made of high quality food-grade materials and BPA-free plastic. No hazard for your health. A perfect gift for all occasions! • EASY DISMANTLING - All of the pieces can easily come off, and it dismantles quickly. This makes cleaning super easy. It is dishwasher top-rack safe, & you can leave the cleaning to the washer. You can take out all of your chopped food out as the round design ensures no vegetable or fruit gets stuck in the device. The blades are sharp that need to be careful while using and cleaning. Large volume, enough to chop purple cabbage, tomato, spicy, carrot also to grind meat, garlic, ginger and egg. • EFFORTLESS OPERATION, BPA FREE - The crank-shaft design allows you to chop many vegetables, fruits and prepare mincemeat with ease. Just spin the upper handle and the blade does the work. It requires very little force, and the blades give excellent chopping results. It is safe for health and is BPA (Bisphenol A) Free. This tool does not use electricity and is eco-friendly. Make food preparation funny and easy. An excellent onion chopper for your kitchen. • MULTIPLE FEATURES - This chopper features a chopper blade, spinner, beater, egg white separator, chopper and a funnel, the ultimate collection for all the quick kitchen tasks. It saves your time and energy. This hand food chopper takes the hard work out of chopping, blending, pureeing vegetables, fruits and herbs. Perfect for chopping & mixing vegetable/fruit salads, chopping various foods for baby, herbs, veggies, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, mince for meatloaf, onion, garlic and more. • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT - This mini-chopper is made from sturdy, lightweight material and has a compact design. It does not take up much space & fits your counter with ease. Good grip hand crank and easy usage method will give you an amazing experience when you doing some food or vegetable salad. This hand crank food mincer has a non-slip suction base making you swing the crank more easily. It is ideal for small kitchens and apartments and the airtight cap keeps the food clean and fresh.
Effortless Operation - As stated earlier, the device is operated with a crank-handle. By rotating it, you move the blade inside, and it does the work.BPA Free - The chopper is BPA Free. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a toxic chemical that was used for making certain plastics. It is safe for you and your family. It carefully chops the food while maintaining the nutrients and preserving the flavour.Multifunctional - The master chopper comes with a variety of accessories including:Spinner - The spinner uses centrifugal force to remove water from salad greens and helps you prepare delicious and healthy salads.Chopper - The chopper blades are carefully angled to give a precise cut. They are sharp and rust-resistant. You can easily get your fruits and veggies chopped. It also provides impressive results for preparing mincemeat.Beater - The egg beater feature is fantastic for making homemade cakes and bakery items. It gives you a fluffy froth.Egg White Separator - This feature is convenient and efficiently separates the yolk from the egg white. It is located on top of the lid, and you can remove the yolk from there while the egg white goes in the bowl.Funnel - The funnel keeps the yolk, you can remove and store it by separating the funnel.Size: 19.119.626.2CMSuper-Safety DesignThe chopper is safe to use and has a plastic blade cover for safety. You can put it on when the device is no in use or when you're taking it out with you. It prevents the blades from revolving and protect from any injury.Top-rack Dishwasher SafeThe mini-chopper is very easy to dismantle, and it is dishwasher top-rack safe. It saves your time, space and energy. The product is lightweight, compact and reliable to use.
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