Omega Gold Insulated Casserole, Firm Twist Lock, RF11151 | Strong Handles | 1600ml Double Wall Insulated Serving Pot, Chapati Storage Box, Roti Serving Pot, Chapati Dabba

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Firm Twist Lock Hassle-Free & Hygienic Elegant, Unique Design Premium PP Outer Body; Stainless Steel Inner Casing Dimension: 23x23x16cm PREMIUM & FOOD GRADE MATERIAL - Our Royalford Omega Gold Insulated Casserole is made of food-grade material which could be more durable, lightweight. Food grade material guarantee makes you safer and more rest assured to enjoy your hot pot time! DOUBLE WALL - This casserole has an outer plastic body and inner steel body, has an easy locking system and it has high-quality insulation to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold for a long time. ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED HANDLES - You doesn't have to worry about accidentally dropping your precious cargo with our ergonomically-designed handles that will ensure safe and comfortable handling for you. Minimize the strain on your hands and arms when you carry heavy contents with these life-savers! STAINLESS STEEL INNER - Made from stainless steel inner and double-wall insulation keeps food hot and fresh for long hours. No re-heating of food is required so retaining essential nutrients, taste, and aroma plus the twist locking lid with a stylish grip handle for secure fastening and easy handling. KEEP IT FASHIONABLE - With this variegated thermo bowl, you can serve both warm and cool meals in style while also keeping them at the right temperature. Made from food-grade safe stainless steel inner and outer casing creating a robust casserole. Integrated side handles for easy handling and designed with a stylish color finish.
The Royalford Omega Gold Insulated Casserole is made for preserving the temperature of hot and cold foods. The thick wall insulation ensures the food inside maintains its thermal temperature over a while allowing you to eat warm meals without having to reheat your food and therefore preserving healthy nutrients and tastes.When you have finished cooking your delicious meal simply pop your spare food into this food container insulated dish, designed to help keep food warm. The same applies to cold food; if you have prepared a salad and want it to keep cold but there is no room in the fridge, just pop it in one of the insulated dishes!Features 1600ml capacity, perfect for people who love to entertain guests. It is made up of highly durable material and this hot pot is made from strong heat resistant and food-safe stainless steel material that will keep food cool or warm for up to long hours. So now potatoes and sauces stay warm for a long time and desserts refreshingly cool; ideal if you expect many guests or have shifted a meal a bit. Ideal for chapatti's, roti, rice dishes, savoury stews, delicious desserts, and much more!
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