Multi Cooker With LED disply - 3L

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Your delicious meal is just a touch away. The perfect digital multi-cooker to turn your recipes into an exquisite delicacy. Prepare healthy and delicious food with the Geepas digital multi-cooker. This digital multi cooker is constructed of premium-quality materials and is designed and manufactured with the objective of being convenient, dependable, and safe and making your everyday cooking easier. The 700-watt multicooker ranks high in both looks and efficiency. It has a large capacity of 3.0L and is ideal for preparing perfectly prepared, healthy rice for the entire family. The cooker ensures healthy cooking and seals 90% of the nutrients and vitamins. Featuring 14 intelligent cooking programs, the multi-cooker allows you to cook, steam, and keep your food warm. The cooker is ideally suited for preparing rice, vegetables, meat, fish, lentils, chicken, etc., and can be cooked into different textures such as cake, soup, slow-cooked, pasta, steamed, etc. You can easily control the function and operation of the unit using the large control panel with 4 LED displays and touch controls. The multicooker is highly durable, corrosion resistant, and can serve you well for many years.

The multi-cooker also features a 24-hour preset function, which allows you to delay the start for delayed cooking, so you can easily dump the ingredients in your cooker at night or while heading out and set the time accordingly to get tasty and delicious food prepared at just the right time. The cooker features multi-safety and auto switch-off pressure control, which ensure safe and hassle-free cooking. The automatic keep-warm function holds the heat until ready to serve.

The detachable inner pot is highly durable and easy to wash and maintain. The inner pot does not flake off and is hygienic and safe to use. The package includes a food steamer, which is highly durable. The strong and sturdy construction provides you with an effortless cooking experience. The product comes with a fully sealed structure that ensures better heat retention during the process and retains the freshness, nutrients, aromas, and flavors of the food. The handles on the pot and lid are made of a large, heat-resistant material that makes them easy to handle. The electric cooker speeds up cooking by 2-6 times, making it extremely energy efficient while preserving nutrients and preparing healthy and tasty dishes. The simple design, silver, and black color, and utility features make it a great option for your kitchen, and it is also a great choice for gifting. The Geepas digital multi-cooker comes with a 2-year warranty.

1) Large control panel with 4 digital LED displays and easy-to-use touch buttons ensures easy operation.

2) It speeds up cooking by 2-6 times making it extremely energy efficient while preserving nutrients and preparing healthy and tasty dishes.

3) The fully sealed environment traps the flavors, nutrients, and aromas within the food without heating up the kitchen.

4) Equipped with multi-safety devices and auto switch-off pressure control.

5) A 24-hour preset function allows delayed start for delayed cooking and the cooking time can also be adjusted.

6) Automatic keep warm function holds the temperature of the food until ready to serve.

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