Geepas Rechargeable LED Lantern | Emergency Lantern with Light Dimmer Function | 36 Super Bright LEDs, 120 Hours Working | Very Suitable for Power Outages |2 Years Warranty

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1. RECHARGEABLE LANTERN BATTERY, 1600mAh TORCH BATTERY - This lantern uses a sealed lead-acid battery with a capacity of 2x4V 2400 mAh. It can provide continuous bright light for up to 200 hours making it ideal for indoor & outdoors. And the torch comes with 1600mAh rechargeable battery.

2. AUTOMATIC LIGHTING - This Geepas lantern has a smart feature, if you ever faced any power cut off in night this rechargeable lantern will automatically turn on its lights.

3. HIGH & LOW LIGHT Option - The lantern requires 8 to 10 hours to charge completely. It can continuously work up to 120 hours with low beam and 5 hours working time with high beam. It’s very useful in unannounced or sudden power outages

4. OVERHEAT & OVERDISCHARGE PROTECTED - This rechargeable lantern is safe to use and no need to worry about living the charging the lantern for longer time as it has built with overcharge and over discharge features.


6. LIGHTING INDICATORS - This Geepas lantern has a smart feature, while charging the lantern or torch it will show red light indication and once the battery is full it will change into green

1. GEEPAS RECHARGEABLE EMERGENCY LANTERN - Geepas presents you with a rechargeable lantern, it is easy to carry as it has a compact size and can fit your travel bag with ease. With its brighter light and long-time performance, it is ideal for camping as well as sudden power outages. This lamp uses 40Pcs Hi-Power brighter LEDs and requires 20 to 24 hours to charge completely.

2. 36PCS & 16Pcs HI-POWER,LONG-LIFE SUPER BRIGHT LEDS - It is a more efficient way of providing brighter light in smaller size with 36pcs 0.5W LEDs in lantern. And torch has 16Pcs 0.5w led can easily light up a room without power supply.

3. HIGH AND LOW BEAM LIGHTS OPTION - This Geepas rechargeable lantern has a dual setting option which provides an option to use low power for 200 hours continuously.

4. OVER CHARGE & OVER DISCHARGE PROTECTION - This lantern and torch has built in features if in case you have left your torch on charging will avoid overheating and in the mean while with over discharging of power too.

5. SOLAR INPUT, USB CHARGING - No need to worry about charging the lantern or torch as it comes with multiple option like USB, adaptor and solar input. Easily charge with your laptop, power bank, and solar while you are travelling

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انت تقيم:Geepas Rechargeable LED Lantern | Emergency Lantern with Light Dimmer Function | 36 Super Bright LEDs, 120 Hours Working | Very Suitable for Power Outages |2 Years Warranty

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