GEEPAS Front Load Washing Machine GWMF71200LCJ 7kg Capacity

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Is it time to change your Washing Machine? Switch to the Geepas Front Load Washing Machine with the capacity to handle a load of 7kg in each wash cycle. This Washing Machine lets you choose from its Spin Speed Selection and Temperature Selection functions for varying washing needs. Its Baby Care function is especially useful when you want to take special care washing your baby\'s clothes. This Geepas Washing Machine also includes a Child Lock to prevent any mishaps around children.

Geepas\' new front-loading washing machine works from RVs to campsites to dormitories and your home. It fits perfectly in small and secluded spaces. Say goodbye to piling up and taking off piles of laundry. Goodbye, hang up, and wait for wet clothes to dry, just load, and add detergent and it runs automatically with 15 selection programs. No more drying of wet hands. We have a waterproof touch panel with a seamless design.

7Kg Front Loading Washing Machine with stainless steel inner drum equipped with 15 wash programs, including spin speed of 1400 RPM. It is a cost-effective solution to everyday washing. Be it the daily wear of cotton or delicate fabrics like satins and silks, this washing machine lets you customize your wash to deliver efficient cleaning with no damage. The sturdy stainless steel drum with the latest technology removes allergens, giving you fresh, clean clothes that keep allergies at bay, and handles high spin cycles for quicker and faster drying of all types of clothes. An inexpensive and easy way to wash lots of clothes, great for washing bed linen, towels, jeans, t-shirts, and other small items. Do more every day with the Fully Automatic Washing Machine from Geepas.

Additional Specification -

Power Input: 220-240V

Frequency Range: 50/60Hz;

Dimensions: 595x495x850 mm;

1) 15 WASHING PROGRAMS - This multifunction washing machine brings comfort and class to every home. It has 15 programs with different settings, including quick wash, rinse and spin, delay function, and more. Ensures efficient use of the detergent with increased washing power and efficiency during the normal washing process. The quick pressure wash program offers full class A washing performance, which means that there is no compromise between clean laundry and time savings.

2) FRONT LOADING DESIGN with LED DISPLAY – Geepas Front Loader Washing Machine is efficient in cleaning you're all types of fabric even with less water with just a single button. Much easier to load your clothes with a wide-opening door. Seeing is believing, a clear lid allows you to see and monitor the water condition, and see the clothes inside when the machine is running. Simplify cycle selection and provide accurate cycle times.

3) DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL DRUM, LARGE CAPACITY - The washing machine drum is made of highly resistant stainless steel, so it does not contain any bacteria or germs and is naturally completely rust-free. It can hold up to 7 kg of fabric. Don't worry about the heavy washing load. If the rotation causes violent vibration, the imbalance adjustment function of our washing machine will automatically start adjusting the imbalance position. The space is perfect for apartments, dorms, RVs, and camping.

4) HIGH WASHING & SPINNING EFFICIENCY WITH POWERFUL MOTOR – This Washing Machine takes less time to wash and even consumes minimum electricity which makes your machine highly smart in saving your cost without causing harm to the environment. Capable to clean tough stains or dirty clothes & gives you clean germ-free clothes. It has a high 1400 RPM which will remove all types of dirt and stain easily.

5) SELECT TEMPERATURE OF WATER, CHILD LOCK – This Fully Automatic Washing Machine is powered by a powerful motor that can easily clean a tough stain or dirty clothes & gives you clean germ-free clothes in hot water to experience a complete clean wash. Easy to clean your baby clothes, stained clothes, and other dirty clothes in just a few minutes. The child lock feature allows you to freeze the control panel to make sure everything goes right. Simply press and hold the “Temp” and “Program” buttons together for 3 seconds and the control panel will no longer respond unless the press and hold again.

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