1500W 4 Slices Bread Toaster, Crumb Tray, Cord Storage, 7 Settings with Auto Centering - 2 Years Warranty

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  • 850W POWER TOASTER - The power of the toaster allows you to quickly and accurately prepare some toasts for you. Delicious baked bread and croissants will be ready in a few minutes after starting work. Thanks to such a powerful engine, you can spend a minimum of time and get maximum benefits.
  • REMOVABLE CRUMB TRAY - After working with this sandwich toaster, you will need to get a tray and throw away the crumbs. After that it will be enough to wipe it with a cloth and put back into place. This will allow you to spend the minimum amount of time cleaning the toaster 2 slices.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BODY - The material of the 2 slice toaster will allow it to serve you long and reliably. High-quality stainless steel will help to avoid damages to the bread maker, and will also keep the temperature of toasts for a while.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL - To select the level of browning toast, use a special knob on the side of this bread maker machines. You can choose one of 7 temperature regimes that will make toasts according to your preferences.
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY - If the device breaks down or turns out to be faulty, you can return your money within 24 months after purchase. We try to do our things in such a way that no incidents will upset you.


The toaster has three useful features, such as "Cancel", "Reheat" and "Defrost". These buttons are duplicated for each pair of bread slots. The "Cancel" function cancels the heating or defrosting of the bread, the "Reheat" function simply heats the bread without frying it. This feature has been introduced for those who forget toast and leave. The function "Defrost" is made for those who store bread in the refrigerator, no one likes cold toasts.


All people are different and all have different tastes. Some people like barely fried toast, and some like toast, roasted to brown crust. Especially for this, we put the panel where you could regulate the degree of frying toasts. To change the program, you only need to turn the knob and set the desired value. Now you can make toasts for yourself and other people.


A powerful motor is the key to success in a toaster, the main thing is not to overdo it. In our toaster, there is a 1500-watt motor, which ensures good heating of the heating elements, which in turn means good toasting toast. Also the motor, boards and heating elements are made of high-quality elements, which promises durability of parts and long toaster operation time.


The case from stainless steel provides durability of a toaster. Also, it is ideal for you and decorate your home, making it more modern. We deliberately make our products of high quality in order to satisfy customers and provide our products with a long service time. We try to find a middle ground between quality and price.

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