Soap Dish with Strong and Durable Metal Holder, Stylish and Sleek Soap Dish with Drainage, Easy to Install, 7-Year Warranty

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  • STRONG AND DURABLE SUS 304 METAL HOLDER AND BRACKETS: The Geepas Soap Dish is made with high-quality Japanese SUS 304 material that is durable and long lasting. The metal brackets and holder are great for mounting this soap case on to walls.
  • FROSTED GLASS DISH: The frosted glass dish is stylish and sleek. It gives this hand soap holder a unique and contemporary style, while also hiding soap suds and residue, thus giving the area a clean and neat look.
  • EASY INSTALL WITH SCREWS: The Geepas Soap Dish is extremely easy to mount on any wall with the help of the stainless steel screws included with the pack. It required minimal effort and ensures a smooth and flush fit.
  • 7-YEAR WARRANTY: The Geepas Bath Mixer with Shower Set is a great investment because it is the perfect combination of convenience and style. The 7-year warranty provided ensures that you will not be dissatisfied with your purchase at any point in time.
  • STYLISH CHROME FINISH FOR ALL DECORS: The chrome finish of the Geepas Soap Dish not only gives it a sleek and stylish look but also is shiny and easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a simple cloth and warm soapy water to ensure its long life in any type of area - both indoor and our door.

Every home requires a bathroom and wash that is both stylish and tranquil. A huge part of any wet area is the fixtures. These fixtures not only have utilitarian purposes but also add a certain style and personality to any space. The Geepas range of products is perfect for any home or professional space. With its wide range of strong, durable and long lasting fixtures in the latest contemporary styles is definitely a must have for all. Its wide range of wet area fixtures include sprays, showers, faucets, hoses hooks, tap and many more. Investing in the Geepas wet area fixtures not only adds to the style of your living spaces but also adds convenience, comfort and luxury. It is truly the best combination of strength and modern design.

Stainless Steel Build and Chrome Finish with Frosted Glass Soap Dish

The Geepas Soap Dish has a high quality Japanese stainless steel build that I strong, durable and built to last. The holder and brackets of this soap holder are coated with chrome coating to not only give it a shiny and sleek look, but also enable easy cleaning and maintenance. The frosted glass soap dish is stylish and obscure, effectively hiding soap suds with ease while also giving the entire holder a contemporary look, perfect for all types of dcor!

Easy Installation and 7-Year Warranty

The installation process for the Geepas Soap Dish is extremely easy owing to the durable stainless steel screws included with it in the box. This gives the entire holder a flush and stylish look, while the 7-year warranty ensures full satisfaction and trust in this product.

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