Royalford RF7137RD Cloth Dry Stand 55cmx180cm, Highly Durable and Foldable Clothes Drying Rack

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• SOLID DESIGN - Minimalistic and with high-functionality in mind, this clothes rack is sure to carry heavy loads of full-wash while ensuring safety and care for your garments. • CAN BE USED INDOORS AND OUTDOORS - Perfect for those with small laundry rooms or those living in elevated home spaces with very little room for air-drying. • STEEL-WIRE CONSTRUCTION- Made to resist rusting from acidic water, this drying rack will surely last for a long time while maintaining its chic aesthetic appeal. • DURABLE MATERIAL - You can comfortably dry heavy materials like jeans, towels, blankets, comforters, quilts, and others. The bottom of the legs is also protected with plastic lids to avoid damage to your wooden floor. • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS - 119 x 56 x 4 cm, PRODUCT WEIGHT - 4.65 kg
High-Quality Material - With durable, high-quality stainless steel tubes, that is highly-resistant to rusting and acidic rainwater. This drying rack is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Bottom pegs are covered in anti-slip plastic protective caps for added stability and to prevent damage to wooden flooring. Made of stainless steel with protective coating for rust-resistance, the product is lightweight and portable.Large Drying Area - This drying rack is broad and spacious when fully spread out. It can hold 2 full loads of laundry; with2 broad wings for hanging clothes or flat-drying towels, comforters, and blankets. Allotment for intimate wear, handkerchiefs, pairs of socks and other small articles of clothing is also provided.Adjustable Wings - The wings can be easily adjusted - raised or lowered to your desired height and to meet your needs; for garments that are especially long, the rack height can be adjusted to avoid contact with the ground. This is also convenient for people who are experiencing back pains and those who have difficulties bending over.Easy to Operate - No assembly required as you can quickly set-up and fold away in a matter of seconds; keeping it compact and flat to be stored out of the way in your home when not in use. This is perfect for those with smaller living spaces like apartments, condominiums, and dorms! With this easily assembled and disassembled dryer, you can conserve storage space and better use of the space in your home.
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