Highly Durable 115x5x22.23MM Diamond Saw Blade GPA59242 Geepas

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Universal for dry or wet cutting. Sharp teeth offer fast and smooth cutting, Max RPM-13000. A high-temperature extraction diamond blade has a long service life. Super thin porcelain saw blade with free chips for cutting, Match with the hand-held machine. Available for cutting porcelain, ceramic tile, granite, sandstone quartz etc.
This diamond saw blade is well made and has brilliant safety and durability. High-quality diamond material makes sure it lasts longer and causes less heat and very little wear when cutting. It also meets the demands of dry and wet cutting. This diamond saw blade is super thin and provides a precise, smooth, chip-free cutting experience for you.This Super thin cutting blade is designed for cutting ceramic, porcelain tile, granite, marble, and vitrified tile. It can work as a porcelain tile blade, ceramic tile cutter, granite blade and other thin masonry blades. An ideal diamond saw blade for tile installers, contractors, homemade DIYers, and tradesmen.Its sharp teeth design provides fast smooth precise clean excellent cutting performance. less dust, less vibration. which can bring higher work efficiency and economic benefits. The tile saw blade can be used on different types of hand-held angle grinders and tile saws for dry or wet cutting. The Geepas cutting wheel has a thick and 115mm diameter, which makes it possible to work with various types of metal and cut it quickly.Fit for most tile saws and hand-held angle grinders with a 22 mm (7/8 inch) to 20mm ( 4/5 Inch) arbour.
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