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Geepas 400W Mini Food Processor - 1.2ML Capacity Food Chopper, 4 Bi-Level Stainless Steel Double Blades for Blending & Chopping - Perfect for Salads Salsa Pesto Curry Pastes & More - 2 Year Warranty

When creating modern technology, size matters. Nowadays, housewives, especially the owners of small kitchens, prefer kitchen appliances that are of high quality and small in size. An irreplaceable kitchen assistant is considered to be an electric chopper. This compact mini food blender has unprecedented power for its dimensions and is able to literally erase even such solid products as nuts or ice.

1) STAINLESS STEEL BLADES Cut vegetables, chop the meat, knead the dough, and mix the cocktail - only a small part of the capabilities of this compact food processor. Electric chopper for the kitchen with a set of 4 blades-4SS greatly simplifies the work and saves cooking time. It is able to grind and whisk almost any food. It is worth noting that the mini food processor`s blades are made of stainless steel, which significantly extends their service life.

2) CHOPPING JAR This food processor with blender consists of a working unit with knives and a jar made of impact-resistant glass that has a volume of 1.2 liters. A transparent bowl allows you to independently control the degree of chopping. The jar is comfortable and long-lasting; it can be washed in a dishwasher.

3) PERFECT FOR FRUITS & VEGETABLES The efficiency of the mini chopper food processor depends on the motor power. Kitchen food processors can chop, crumb, or cut in a few seconds. And to work with especially solid products, this device has a turbo mode (impulse mode): to bring the product to the desired consistency, the selected nozzle works with brief pauses.

The blender food processor allows you to perform various actions: shred vegetables and cook minced meat, chop the nuts and chocolate. A nice bonus of this model is the storage compartment for the attachments, so these small parts will not get lost in the numerous drawers and lockers.

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