Geepas Professional Screwdriver (6.5*100mm) | General Purpose Soft-Grip Screwdriver with Bicoloured Chrome Plated

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1. MATERIAL: CR-V (CHROMIUM-VANADIUM STEEL) - Hardened chrome vanadium steel shanks with chemically-blackened magnetic tips to ease the whole process and hold the screws. This makes them resistant to oxidation and corrosion hence increasing their longevity.


Ergonomic rubber handles with high-grip textured panels. Highest possible torques due to integrated hexagon head socket for open-ended spanners.

3. MUST HAVE TOOL - The screwdriver from the hand tool range is ideal for screw driving, chiseling, repairing and loosening seized screws. Ideal addition to anybody's toolbox for use around the home, workshop & garage & garden

4. CHEMICALLY BLACKENED TIPS, EASY STORAGE - The tips of the screwdrivers are chemically blackened to provide them immunity against denaturing and thus maintain their shape.

5. SLOTTED - Includes slotted & screwdrivers Size 6.5 x 100 mm

Have you ever had one of those moments when you couldn't tighten the screw of your newly arrived TV brackets properly and later suffered dearly because of it? Or did you ever have to try to stick a pen or hairpin to open your broken calculator just because you didn't have the right sized screwdriver?

Such emergencies are a norm when it comes to this age this of tech. However, not having the right screwdriver can irritate you in the smallest of needs. Geepas Screw Driver is just that, a regular everyday use collection of screwdrivers that every toolbox should have.

SLOTTED SCREWDRIVER, CHROME PLATED - The driver is slotted and comes in size (6.5*100mm) and can be used to fix or open up most of the appliances and gadgets. Of course, they are equally useful in putting up shelves and tightening up window panes.

• MATERIAL: CR-V STEEL - They are made up of CR-V material, also known a Chromium-Vanadium Steel. The driver has a core made of vanadium. It provides strength and durability to it. Chromium prevents corrosion of your tool and helps prolong its use.

• RUBBERIZED HANDLES WITH HANGING LOOP - The handle is rubber insulated and shaped to have a strong, comfortable grip. The tips are blackened chemically. This makes them resistant to wear off. Their magnetic function helps you get a better hold of the screw. The cool design adds up a dashing look in your arsenal. Now, the annoying task remains no longer irritating. With the right tool, you can get all that stuff done in a flash

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