Geepas Precision Screwdriver - Containing One Phillips Screwdriver, Soft Grip Rubber Insulated Handle, Bicolored Red/Black

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• 1 PC PHILLIPS (CROSS) SCREWDRIVER - PH: PH2 x 100mm Phillips Screwdriver has quick tip identification for easy choice of the correct screwdriver for each screw type. The screws get fixed and rotate smoothly. It have a chemically blackened tip which protects it from denaturing.

• MATERIAL: CR-V STEEL - The CR-V steel, also known as Chromium-Vanadium Steel is a special alloy used for making tools and metallic objects. It has a hard steel core and a chromium-vanadium coating on the outside. This coating protects the metal tools from corrosion and oxidation due to air.

• CHEMICALLY BLACKENED TIPS - The tip of this screwdriver is black due to certain chemicals. This prevents their oxidation and maintains the shape.

• Rubber Insulated Soft-Grip Handles - There is rubber insulation on the handle. The design is soft and grip-friendly. This anti-slip feature makes it easy and comfortable to hold

Geepas Screwdriver can be used in heavy duty works like construction and demolition. They can withstand hammer hits. The heads have the correct sizes to fit in the slots.

Comfortable Grip

The handle is designed to have a comfortable and controlled grip. It fits your hand with ease and allows smooth rotation.


The material used in these is CR-V Chromium-Vanadium Steel. This steel is sturdier and long-lasting as compared to the usual steel. The tips have black tips due to certain chemicals. They make the tips resistant to wear.

Highly Durable Tools

Due to the high durability, this screwdriver can be used by technicians. Mechanics and home hobbyists. Its an excellent addition to your toolbox and has a classy design of two colors. performance and are available to you at an affordable price

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