Geepas Lightweight Rechargeable LED Flashlight -Bright White LED Torch Portable Torch High Beam LED Flashlight Tactical Pocket Flashlight for Camping Bicycle Hiking and Emergency Use

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1. RECHARGEABLE & HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY - Geepas Moon Walker torch is highly durable standby mode and is perfectly meant for campaigning, trekking, cycling, emergency in nights and weekend outings. It works continuously for 3 time more on a single charge.

2. POWERFUL LIGHT, HIGH BACK UP - Built with high performance LED which emits the brighter light to provide you a clear and sharp appearance even in the dark night and make you feel safe. It gives you the long working hours and letting you charge frequently after single use.

3. HYPER BRIGHT & TOUGH - This torchlight stands out unique for its over brightness as like natural light and this will let you identify the exact objects even in the darkness. This torch will help you to be aware and alert in nights with its brightness to give you the exact day time feeling.

4. Unbreakable BODY - Built up of highly durable, skid proof and shock proof. Compactable for rough use and sustains in all environment without trouble to its rigid body.

5. Multiple Uses & Pocket Friendly - This torch is can used in various reasons like campaigning, trekking, weekend outings, night security, patrol and more. Easily fits in your pocket and your bag

1. GEEPAS WORLDS LIGHT WEIGHT TORCH, HIGH BRIGHTNESS - This Geepas Led Torch has a high intensity light gives you clear visibility and easy to carry anywhere you like. This torch is very much useful in emergency light in case of power failures at your home.

2. HIGHLY DURABLE TOUGH BODY- Built up with the durable extra hard body which is anti-skid, sustains even by rough handling. If you are looking for quality & durable torch for hard use than it’s something perfect for you.

3. RECHARGE MULTIPLE TIMES, LOW BATTERY INDICATION- This torch has an immense wavelength and is capable to reach a long distance. It provides you to see objects, persons or any other thing from a longer distance in darkness very clearly. The smart indication light appears when the battery is about to die just remind to connect the charger to avoids the cut off.

4. SUPPORTS UNIVERSAL CHARGING ADAPTER - This torch is compatible to connect any charger adapter with USB to charge it anywhere it might be your mobile adapter or any other electronic gadget adapter.

5. LONGLASTING BATTERY, HIGH LIFE - This torch has a Li-ion battery which has extra-long lasting as compare to any other torch on the market which might help you all over the night. The battery is highly durable and ready to serve you for long time in future

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