Geepas GWH59056 30M 1/2" Automatic Ready to Water Hose Reel with 180 Swivel Mounting Bracket, Lock Mechanism, Hose Fitting, Adjustable Hose Stop and More

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  • AUTO RETRACT HOSE REEL AND LEVEL TRACK- This water hose heel has an automatic retract function and retracts back itself. Saves you the trouble of folding it all back together on your own. The mechanism is not too strong, so it does not hit you while suddenly retracting. The level track reduces hose twisting, so it does not get jumbled when folding back.
  • 180-degree SWIVEL MOUNTING BRACKET - The package includes a 180-degree swivel mounting bracket. This bracket allows you to keep the hose in place at a suitable angle. You can use it directly after attaching.
  • ADJUSTABLE HOSE STOPPER, READY TO WATER - The hose stopper can be easily adjusted without the use of any fancy tools. The hose is ready to water so you can start using it as you have completed the necessary fitting and fixing.
  • STOP ANYWHERE: LOCK MECHANISM - The anywhere lock mechanism instantly blocks off the water and stops the flow. This can be very useful especially if the water is reaching some electronic device.
  • ACCESSORIES - The hose has a couple of other accessories in the package. It includes a full set of hand sprays, hose fittings, 2 connectors, a spray nozzle and a tap adaptor.

Having a small lawn or garden outside the house is excellent. You get to enjoy the fresh scent of soil and grass at your home. Blooming flowers in the spring are also great. However, all this does not remain this way on its own. You have to take care of it.

One of these energy consuming and essential tasks is watering. This can become a fun and effortless task if you have the right water hose reel.

A good one can save your time and improve the daily watering efficiency. Geepas Automatic Water Hose Reel is here as a solution.

The size details of this hose are:

Auto Retract Hose Reel - The hose reel automatically retracts back in a swift motion. It is kept normal in speed, so it does not hurt your hand while quickly rolling back. It saves you the trouble of rolling it all back by yourself and keeps your lawn tidy and clean.

180 Swivel Mounting Bracket - Swivel Mounting Bracket is sturdy and saves space. The hose bracket allows 180 motion for easy usage of hose and keeps the reel in place.

Adjustable Hose Stopper And Lock Mechanism - The reel has hose stopper. They can be adjusted easily without the help of external tools. They have a built-in lock mechanism. This system instantly blocks all the water when necessary for stopping the water flow. It can be especially useful when some electronic device or wire is in the way.

Instant stopping can prevent a lot of damage and reduce risk.

Ready To Water - The hose comes in a ready condition and can be immediately used. So you can set up the lawn and prepare the plants for an instant shower.

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