Geepas GK38023UK 2200W 1.7L Electric Glass Kettle | Detachable Non-Slip Base, Safety Lock, Heating Element & ON/Off Switch | Heat Things Up Quickly and Easily Boiler for Hot Water & Tea Maker - 2 Year Warranty

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AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF AFTER BOILING - A great feature that allows you to do your own business while the kettle boils without controlling the boiling point of the water, this allows you to save energy and do not exhaust the kettle with constant work. It's ideal if you need a hot drink fast or you're just making one cup. The kettle has a 'perfect pour' spout so all of the water goes into the cup with fewer splashes and spills and ergonomic handle to lift and comfortable to hold during pouring. CAPACITY 1.7L - A roomy and large kettle is perfect for your whole family. With its help, you can make 8 cups of tea or coffee and treat yourself to a pleasant drink not only of household members but also unplanned guests. This electric kettle with 1.7L capacity is big enough and it has clear water level lines on the outside so you can fill it with the exact amount of water you need. To make pouring comfortable and easy the electric kettle features an ergonomic handle. SAFETY LOCK LID, MEASUREMENT MARKINGS - The lid fixes nicely into place and is locked by a safety lock. It prevents heat from escaping and the liquid from falling out. The kettle body has markings on it that let you know exactly how much water are you pouring inside. The glass electric kettle is faster than a stove or microwave and using less than half the energy. One-button pop-up lid, you can use one hand quickly and flexibly. TRANSPARENT GLASS - the case of the kettle is made of high-quality glass material, which allows it to maintain its reliability for many years. It also retains heat for a long time. The durable glass can withstand high temperature. It is clear and transparent; you can easily see the liquid being heated up. Glass kettles are the most environmentally friendly of all electric kettles. But most often they are chosen because of their aesthetic appearance. STRIX FUNCTION & 2-YEAR WARRANTY - This kettle has a built-in strix function. It maintains the temperature and controls the kettle. The kettle uses an AC voltage of 240 and uses 2200Watts. This product comes with a worry-free warranty for two years.
Geepas Electric Glass Kettle is one of those handy items with a long lifespan and adequate heating.Concealed Heating Element - This kettle has a stainless steel heating element. It is located in the base of most electric kettles and consists of two electrodes. Because of the electrodes, the heat is distributed efficiently and gives you the perfectly heated liquid.Boil-Dry Protection And Automatic Turn Off - Almost everyone has had those moments when you put up water or some other liquid for boiling and then forget to take it off. Then you smell something burning only to find the liquid dried up and the poor pot burning.Well folks, rest assured because that is not going to be the end of this kettle. It has built-in boil-dry protection and an automatic turn off the system.When the water is dried up, the appliance automatically shuts down hence saving the liquid inside the kettle as well as the kettle itself. The system works equally for overheating. It turns off immediately when it has reached a certain temperature limit.Indicator Light - The indicator light further supports the turn off function. This light tells whether your device is in operation or not.Power DetailsThis kettle uses an AC voltage of 220 - 240V. The frequency of the device is 50/60 Hertz along with 1850-2200W power. This power saving feature makes it suitable for long-term use.
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