Geepas GGS25022 Garment Steamer 1580W - Portable, Fast Heat Clothes Steamer, Dual Steam Levels, 1.5L Large Water Tank | Perfect for All Types Of Clothes

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• HIGH-QUALITY ADJUSTABLE POLES, EASY TO STORE- This item has high-quality adjustable poles that can be adjusted with ease. Can be easily set according to the garment length. It is suitable for all types of clothes and is durable. Easy to store as the poles are foldable, keeps your place neat and tidy.

• DUAL STEAM LEVELS FOR VARIOUS TEXTILES - There are 2 different steam levels and you can choose either according to your fabric type. This steamer is safe for use on all kinds of garments, upholstery, and clothes.

• 1.5 LITER WATER TANK, Anti Drip - This garment steamer has a water tank with large water holding capacity of 1.5 litres. It has highly air tight which doesn’t allow the water to get leak and make a mess in your working surface by keeping clean and tidy.

INSTANT HEAT-UP SYSTEM IN JUST 45 SECONDS - This steamer absolutely response quickly and it takes just 45 seconds to heat up by giving you a quick functioning for easy usage.

CONTINUOUS STEAM FOR 30 MINUTES, 35/G PER MINUTES STEAM RATE - It can blow continuous steam for over 30 minutes. It avoids the amount of refills and increases your work efficiency. The blower creates a steam of 35g/min. It helps to soften the cloth and remove the creases and wrinkles to give it a fresh and crisp look. The fabric gets a smooth look in no time, no ironing required

• Instant Heat This Steamer is very easy to use and gives quick functioning to help you in an instant last-minute refresh. After turning it on, the steamer is ready for use in just 45 seconds.

• High-Quality Adjustable Poles, 360° rotatable hangers - This Garment Steamer has high-caliber adaptive shafts that can be balanced easily. Without much of a stretch set it as per cloth length. It is solid and appropriate for a wide range of garments. The shafts can be withdrawn which permits simple stockpiling. It keeps your place perfect and clean.

• 2 Steam Levels for Various Textiles There are 2 distinctive steam levels, and you can pick either as per your texture type. This steamer is okay for use on a wide range of pieces of clothing, upholstery, and garments.

• 1.5 Litre, Continuous Steam for 30 Minutes This clothing steamer has a water tank with enormous water holding limit of 1.5 litres. It can blow persistent steam for more than 30 minutes. It diminishes the quantity of tops ups to be done and builds your work productivity.

• 35G Per Minute Steam Rate - The blower makes a steam of 35g/min. It assists with mellowing the material and expel the wrinkles and wrinkles to give it a new and fresh look. The texture gets a smooth look in a matter of moments, no pressing required.

• PACKAGEING INCLUDES - 1pc fur brush, 1pc glove and 1580W Garment Steamer

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