Geepas 300L Chest Freezer - Portable 2Pcs Food Basket, Compact Refrigerator with LED Light & Adjustable Thermostat | Ideal for Retailers, Home, Medical Shops & More | 1 Year Warranty

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1. STORAGE SPACE - 300L capacity, can fit multiple cans of Cola. Dimensions- 96.0 x70.0 x 84.5 inch. Enough space for fruits, vegetables, cold beverages, snacks, and food at appropriate temperatures could also be chosen for the constant temperature of cosmetics or medicines.

2. ADVANCED FREEZING AND COOLING -Temperature range from 18-degree Celsius with the adjustable regulator for temperature setting. Easily keep a cool temperature for foods, snacks, drinks, or even wine bottles. It comes with the 1pc food basket to preserve your vegetable for a long time.

3. SHOP AND HOME USE -Includes power cables to connect with 220V to 240V power for the shop, home, and more. A comfortable and compact size will easily fit and occupies less space.

4. COMPRESSOR SWITCH OFF FEATURE -This Geepas Chest Freezer has a safety option to turn off the compressor whenever it's not required to avoid the unnecessary power consumption and cooling, saves energy, and money.

This unit has a 140W powerful motor, portable compressor refrigerator for fast keeping your food and beverages cool or frozen in +18℃ temperature range. The refrigerator offers premium quality and detailed designs. Performance and efficiency- a great appliance perfect for your family road trips, fishing trips in particularly hard climate and environmental conditions. Also conveniently plugs into standard home outlets with AC adapter meeting your different needs and anywhere you use. Don't hesitate to buy one to enjoy ice-cold freshness wherever you go.

1. ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT - The freezer has a user-friendly regulator that will provide you a manual temperature setting option. Easy to use and nothing more complicated.

2. COMPRESSOR SWITCH OFF FUNCTION -This freezer will allow you to save energy and avoid unnecessary usage of the freezer whenever not required you can just switch off the compressor. Saves energy and money.

3. LED LIGHT - Easy to see the preserved content in the freezer even in dark rooms or at night with the built-in led light which bright light when you lift the door to take out something required quickly.

4. SMART, TRAVEL READY -Super energy saving. Great Ideal for camping, travel, going on holiday or spending time with family outdoors, keep drinks and food cold wherever you go.

5. Package Includes – 2Pc Food Basket, Lock & Key, and Freezer.
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