Geepas 200W Hand Blender | Food Collection Immersion Hand Blender | Ideal for Smoothies, Shakes, Baby Food, Soup, Grinding Ingredients, Vegetables & Fruits - 2 Year Warranty

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1. TWO SPEEDS BLENDER - This hand blender comes with two variable speeds. You can use the one which fits your grinding requirements. Allows free rotation & excellent results in blending with anti-splash prevention & allows larger foods to be processed from all sides.

2. DETACHABLE STICK - The stick is made of sturdy BPA Free food grade and can be removed easily. It makes cleaning your hand blender a breeze. Removable parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

3. EASY TO USE & BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Simple push and hold operation activates the sharp stainless steel blades to reduce ingredients to your preferred consistency. Super stylish, lightweight yet sturdy design with an ergonomic handle for a secure grip and the floral bell shape draws food towards the blades for fast blending results.

4. STAINLESS STEEL BLADE - The blade is the most essential part of the blender. This one has a carefully shaped stainless steel edge to give a smooth and even result. You can use it for all types of general grinding and blending.


1. INJECTION SHELL AND BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - The hand blender blade is covered with a white injection shell. It prevents the contents from flying off while blending. The body is made of white plastic. It has a purple colored button and an adornment circle in the middle. It gives your tool a lovely look.

2. BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - The body of the hand blender is made from plastic. It is white in color. The On/Off button is purple in color, and the middle also has an adornment circle. It has an elegant look and adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

3. TWO SPEED SETTINGS - The Geepas Hand Blender says goodbye to complicated displays and endless buttons and instead gives you two simple speed settings to choose from. With a slower speed perfect for making chunky dips like salsa and guacamole and a faster speed for making silky and creamy smoothies after a hard work out at the gym, there’s a speed for your every need.

4. DETACHABLE PLASTIC STICK - With detachable parts perfect for easy cleaning, you can now sit back, relax, and enjoy a feast of flavorsome food whilst the attachments soak in the sink. t clears all the hygiene issues and reduces the effort. And the best part is afterward the detachable parts can be neatly stored away into a spare cupboard or draw for a clutter-free kitchen.

5. COMFORTABLE GRIP - The handle is a significant part of this blender since you'll be holding it the entire time while using it. Therefore, the grip has been kept very comfortable, and it fits your palm perfectly. It has an anti-slip design; therefore, you can relax while using it

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