Geepas Double Door Total No-Frost Refrigerator- GRF2522SXN| Multi-Airflow with Faster and Deep Cooling

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  • Double door, total no-frost refrigerator with a premium stainless steel finish and recessed handle.

  • Rated voltage: 220-240V; Rated frequency: 50Hz; Frozen temperature: -18; Rated current: 1.2A.

  • The refrigerator works with low noise and is eco-friendly and energy-saving.

  • Includes an ice tray, an egg tray, 3 glass shelves, 1 big crystal drawer, a door balcony with cover, unbreakable and tempered glass shelves, and a transparent door basket.

  • Product color: Metal grey.

  • Product dimension: 54.5x55.5x134 cm.

Enjoy the natural flavor and keep it fresh for a long time. The Geepas offers you a premium-looking total-no-frost double-door refrigerator with a medium capacity of 180 liters, just right for your family. The refrigerator has a design where the fridge is located at the bottom and the freezer is located at the top. This refrigerator is made from the highest quality materials and has a premium stainless steel finish. It is strong, sturdy, efficient, and built to last. The refrigerator can easily fit in your home, apartment, room, dining area, or kitchen and keeps your food and drinks fresh, cool, and healthy. It cools the contents evenly and keeps them fresh for a long time. The double-door refrigerator has total no-frost technology, so you need not worry about defrosting the contents inside.

The refrigerator has an adjustable thermostat, which makes it convenient and easy to adjust the temperature levels according to your requirements. The refrigerator has a freezer area equipped with an ice tray and can store frozen food items such as meat, ice cream, fish, etc., and there is a fridge area at the bottom where you can store fruits, vegetables, cooked food, water, milk, etc. The bottom fridge area is equipped with an egg tray, unbreakable glass shelves, a large crisper, and holders strong enough to hold your food and other edibles. These shelves will keep your things sorted and organized. Additionally, transparent organizers help you see if you are running low on any item. The LED internal lamp allows you to easily identify the contents of the fridge and freezer. An inside condenser converts the gas into a liquid and is placed inside.

The newly engineered refrigerator keeps your food chilled or cold for a long time with its multi-airflow function. The low-noise design ensures faster and deeper cooling of the contents. It uses low voltage and works efficiently, thus saving you both electricity and money. The external recessed handle makes it easy and comfortable to open and close. The refrigerator is also easy to clean and maintain. The product measures 54.5x55.5x134 cm and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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