Body Fat Bathroom Scales - Smart High Accuracy Digital Weighing Scales for Body Weight, BMI Visceral Body Fat Rating, Muscle Mass, Body Hydration, Water Bone Mass & Calories - 2 Year Warranty

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  • BIOELECTRICAL IMPEDANCE MEASURING - These scales have a special advantage. They are able to measure the exact visceral body fat %, muscle mass %, water and bone % in the body. For a high-quality operation of the appliance, it is necessary to stand on special areas located closer to the edge of the instrument.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY - 3 measurement choices in st / kg / lb with a maximum weight of 28 stone / 180kg / 400lb. Unlike mechanical scales, these electronic scales instantly show information about your weight scale on a small digital screen. For normal operation, be careful and do not stand on the display. Up to 8 users can save their information.
  • HIGH ACCURACY - These bathroom scales digital have a very small error and will always accurately reflect the real weight. In digital scales, the maximum error can be 100 g. This will not affect the selection of the daily calorie rate.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - The size of the body scales is so small that you do not even have to think about where to place them. This beautiful black and white design will also fit perfectly into any room in your home. If you realize that you do not need scales every day, then you can easily hide them in the locker or under the bedside table.
  • STRAINED GLASS - The bathroom scale may seem very fragile to you because their surface consists of glass. But this is not so. Heavy-duty tempered glass can withstand weight up to 180 kg and not be damaged. You can safely stand on them, not being afraid that they will break.


These scales allow you to measure the weight in a convenient unit for you. You will have a choice between st, kg and lb. Its weight scale allows measuring up to 150 kg / 330lb / 23st. With such device, you can find out the percentage of muscle tissue, water, fat, bone. The wide auxiliary functionality of this bathroom scale allows you to accurately find out and compile your diet, pick up the number of daily calories.


Even the most powerful and feature-rich device will not be popular if its appearance will not draw. These body fat scales include both of these advantages. A beautiful black and white design will make them ideal for any bathroom. And their fineness and compact size of 30x30cm will allow them to be stored even in the smallest room. You can just leave it on the floor or hide in the locker.


Based on your previous weight, fat and muscle information, these scales bathroom body fat will show you some tips on nutrition and activity. They also have a built-in calorie count function for the day. These smart scales will memorize all your data and help you in the process of improving your body. The bathroom scales digital also has the function of automatic switching on and off. When you get to the surface, the device will immediately turn on and start to work. After a few seconds of inactivity, the data on the display will disappear and the body scales will turn off. This prevents unnecessary waste of energy. All that such a universal helper will require in return is to change the batteries in time.

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