850W 2 Slice Bread Toaster |Toaster with 6 Level Browning Control, Removable Crumb Tray, Cancel, Defrost and Reheat Functions | Auto Centering, Slide Out Crumb Tray | 2 Year Warranty

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  • CANCEL/DEFROST AND REHEAT FUNCTION - These functions will make it possible to prepare delicious toasts from frozen bread, and also to heat up already prepared ones. With its help, you can warm toasts, defrost cold foods and cancel cooking.
  • AUTO CENTERING, LIFT & LOCK FEATURE - This function allows you to place toasts at the same distance from the heating elements. It can be difficult to check on the progress of your bread when it's inside a toaster but with Geepas 'lift and look'' feature you can see how your bread is browning without cancelling the cycle. Then, when it's done, the High Lift function lifts the bread out of the slots so you can remove it comfortably and safely without having to touch hot slots.
  • SLIDE OUT CRUMB TRAY - This tray allows you to quickly and easily clean the toaster of crumbs. Also, toaster comes with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, ideal for a family home. With non-slip feet the toaster has no escape and will stay firmly in place even on wet surfaces making it a safe product to have in and around your kitchen
  • 7 LEVELS OF BROWNING - Using the knob to set the degree of toasting, you can set the required working time (1 - the minimum and 7 - the maximum degree of toasting the toast). Variable browning control - perfect toast, just the way you like it. The variable browning control allows you to choose your desired browning level to ensure your toast is cooked to perfection every time.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN, WARRANTY - The toaster is made of durable plastic with metal inserts and has an interesting and pleasant design. This small toaster looks neat and unusual, and thanks to its compact dimensions it does not take up much space on the kitchen surface. You can return the appliance within 24 months in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of any of the components. It will help to avoid big expenses and save your time.


If you store bread in the freezer, you will certainly appreciate the defrost function. With this option, you can make toast from frozen bread. The 2 slice toaster will defrost them, and then automatically switch to a toasting mode. The bread toaster has a function to cancel the toasting; it is also the "Cancel" button.


This toaster 2 slice is equipped with an auto-centering function. Due to this function, the bread is placed directly in the center, at the same distance from the heating elements. This ensures uniform toasting of toast on both sides. By the way, you can load bread with any thickness, it is evenly fried. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to toast very thin bread as it will burn around the edges, no matter how you look after it.


Mistresses are cleaning in their kitchen absolutely all appliances and objects, but often forget to clean the 2 slice toasters inside. But like any appliance, toasters 2slice can become clogged during operation, and if you do not carry out periodic maintenance, it will break. The toaster at constant use stores in itself bread crumbs. So, to prolong the working capacity of the grey kitchen accessories and meet the requirements of fire safety, regular cleaning of the toaster is carried out. Pull out the pan with crumbs and shake it out.


The electric toasters have an automatic control type - the appliance is given the time, the degree of roasting, and after cooking the loaves "jump out" themselves.

The long slot toaster has two compartments, in which, respectively, two loaves are prepared simultaneously. The degree of frying of bread is regulated by means of a built-in thermostat. This toaster 2 slice has seven levels of frying adjustment, so you can always fry a toast to your liking.


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