Royalford Stainless Steel Idly Cooker 4L - 4 Racks 16 Idlis, Induction Compatible & Dishwasher Safe, Food Grade Material | Heat Resistant Handle & Steam Vent | Ideal Idli, Idiyappam, Leaves & noodles

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• HIGH QUALITY- The Royalford Idli cooker is made up by stainless steel which is stain and heat resistant, mirror finish body shines like new and classy. 4.0 Liter capacity 4 racks idli plate makes 16 Idli at a time. • INDUCTION COMPATIBLE - This idli cooker is induction Compatible with gas stove as well as induction cooking. So you can cook your morning breakfast on induction. One complete solution for the steaming assorted delicacies in your kitchen. Compatible with hot plate, halogen, ceramic, and gas. • HEAT RESISTANT HANDLES & KNOB - The Royalford idli cooker is heat resistant handles and knob so you can lift it safely without worrying. So while serving you will be able to hold the idli makers using handles with ease and comfort. • STAIN RESISTANT, DISHWASHER SAFE - This Idli cooker is made up by quality stainless steel which is strong and strain resistant. So this mirror finish body idli cooker will shine like new and classy every day. The Royalford has designed Idli cooker convenient for customers to wash it easy and dishwasher safe. It is easily detachable so you can remove it and clean after every use. So you can wash it quickly. • SOFT & FLUFFY 16 IDLI – Nothing beats the taste of home cooked food, especially when made with Royalford product. Allowing you to taste the softness and fluffiness in every bite. Enjoy the idli whenever you want to. 4 racks with 4 idli plates helps to prepare 16 hot, delicious, healthy idli morning breakfast for complete family. This detachable 4 tier rack will make easy while taking out cooked idli’s.
The Royalford designed this idli cooker ergonomically and by using modern technology so you can cook delicious, tasty and healthy idli using minimum time. Prepare a variety of steamed idlis for your family and friends with the Royalford Stainless Steel Idli Maker. The idli maker is manufactured using food-grade stainless steel, ensuring its sturdiness and durability. The stainless steel material used is scratch, chip, and corrosion-resistant, which makes it a long-lasting addition to your kitchenware. With its food-safe properties, the idli maker is safe and hygienic for regular use. The Royalford Stainless Steel Idli Maker includes an idli cooker and 4 idli plates which is Ideal for making healthy and delicious steamed idlis. The idli maker requires minimum care as it is easy to wash, clean, and maintain.Making food shouldn't be difficult, and with our Idli cooker, we hope to accomplish that by making this process simple and easy. The mini holes in the idli stand are a type of litmus test to see how thick the batter has become. Creating the softest and most delicious Idlis ever made. Heat Resistant handles allow you to hold on to the idli cooker safely.The product is compatible with multiple stoves like induction, hot plate, halogen, ceramic, and gas. The product has special bakelite handles and knobs which will not heat or melt. This product is used on a daily basis and it is very useful in multiple works like it can be used to make idli, paddle, cook vegetables, pasta, idiyappam, leaves & noodles, etc. Because it has a steamer plate in it. Each idli slot has been made equally allowing for the perfect Idli Size. Whether it's large idlis, or our mini idli, both are made to perfection.
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